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Frequently Asked Questions

Will information about my child be stored confidentially?

Yes, all information is stored in line with GDPR guidance.


Where will meetings and assessments take place?

We believe that the best place to have meetings and work with a child is usually at their school. This is because it provides us with an opportunity to complete work within your child's usual educational setting and meet with members of teaching staff who know your child well. However, we understand that this may not always be possible and so we can be flexible about this and agree the most appropriate location in discussion with you.


How much will it cost?

Please see our fees page for a breakdown of costs. When you first contact us to discuss a child/young person we will be able to provide more specific details about the cost of the psychological services that we can offer to meet your child's specific needs.


What should I expect at my first meeting?

Our work with individual children and young people usually begins with an initial consultation meeting with parents and key members of school staff. At this meeting the educational psychologist will aim to find out more about the child/young person's strengths and the areas of concern. Questions about a child's developmental history may be asked, along with a discussion about strategies that have already been implemented to address the areas of difficulty and the impact of these. This information will enable the educational psychologist to plan a tailored and bespoke assessment focused on the areas that have been identified as requiring further exploration.


Will you involve my child's school?

We endeavour to work with your child's school throughout our involvement and we are used to working collaboratively with SENCOs and other members of school staff. If you feel this may not be appropriate in your particular circumstance, we would be happy to discuss further.


How do I book a consultation?

Please see our contact page for telephone and email contact details. Please contact us for an initial discussion about your child's needs and the psychological services we offer. Schools and other education providers are also welcome to contact us to discuss educational psychology services that we could provide to support the children and young people within their settings.  


How do I cancel/re-arrange a booking?

We understand that unforeseen circumstances occur which mean you may need to re-arrange an appointment. Please contact us with at least 48 hours notice in order to cancel/re-arrange at no additional cost. Please note that we will have to charge the pre-arranged fee which will be detailed on your invoice if cancellations are made within 48 hours.


Can I talk to a psychologist before booking a consultation?

Yes, we are happy to discuss your individual needs prior to booking a consultation.

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