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Work With Children & Schools

We work with children and young people (ages 2-25) who are experiencing a difficulty at home, nursery or their school.

We have worked with families where:

  • parents are concerned about one or more aspects of their child’s development (e.g. language, play skills, eating, independence skills, toileting, behaviour, emotions)

  • a child is having difficulty keeping up with schoolwork

  • a child is having trouble making friends

  • a young person has difficulty sitting in class and focusing on their schoolwork for the whole day and seems fidgety or full of energy

  • a parent is concerned that their child may have Dyslexia

  • the child needs support to overcome difficulties related with their diagnosis (e.g. autism, ADHD, genetic conditions, other medical needs)

  • a young person is getting into trouble at school

  • a young person feels unhappy and has low mood

  • a young person feels anxious or stressed

At Positive Minds Psychology we share a commitment to practice that is based on the latest psychological research evidence and understand that to promote meaningful change we must work collaboratively with the child and the people who know that child best. 


Initial Consultation


Our work begins with a meeting to find out more about a child's strengths and needs from those people who know the child best. This typically includes the parents/carers, members of school staff and where appropriate the child themselves.


‪Observation & Assessment


Based on the information gathered during the initial consultation, we will complete a tailored assessment. The exact nature of the assessment will be designed specifically for the child, but would typically involve a classroom observation, further discussions with school staff and the completion of one-to-one assessment activities. ‬

‪Recommendations & Report


Following assessment we will provide detailed feedback and recommendations for promoting positive lasting change. This will include a discussion, written report and ideally an action planning and review meeting.‬


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