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Who We Are

Positive Minds Psychology was created by three highly skilled psychologists who obtained their professional doctorates in educational and child psychology at University College London (UCL). The team are all registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) and accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS). All members have successfully completed the Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET). 

The team shares a wealth of experience working within educational psychology services across London. At Positive Minds Psychology we work with children and young people across a range of ages, needs and contexts. For further details, please see “What We Do”.

At Positive Minds Psychology we share a commitment to evidence-based practice and understand that to promote meaningful change we must work collaboratively with the child and the people who know that child best. We believe in positive psychology for all and that every situation can change for the better.

Dr Vanna (Ioanna) Cotzia

Vanna believes that every person, whatever the age, has a fundamental right to experience the lifelong learning process as an uninhibited progression towards self-discovery. Vanna has experience as an Educational and Child Psychologist within a London Local Authority, and is a Certified CBT Therapist for Children & Adolescents (BPS Approved) as well as a certified EuroPsy Psychologist (EFPA). Vanna also has a passion for research and teaching Psychology and is committed to integrating theory and practice. She has experience lecturing and as an academic & personal tutor at UCL (BSc and MSc programmes), and is a lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London. Vanna also specialises as a supervisor for school professionals and other practitioners and is a Registered Applied Psychology Practice Supervisor (RAPPS). Currently, Vanna is serving as a Reviewer on the BPS Division of Educational and Child Psychology Training Committee (DECPTC)

Location: London, UK & Athens, GR

Dr Vanna Cotzia

Dr Rosie Freedman

Rosie is a positive, experienced Educational and Child Psychologist specialising in the application of evidence based psychology to promote the wellbeing and educational success of children and young people. She has over ten years’ experience providing psychological assessment and support across a wide range of educational and community settings. Rosie has a passion for working therapeutically with children and families and enjoys drawing on a range of approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused techniques and multi-family therapy. In addition, Rosie also specialises as a supervisor and coach for school professionals.

Location: London, UK

Dr Rosie Freedman

Dr Anna Surr

Anna obtained her undergraduate degree in experimental psychology from the University of Oxford and started her career as a secondary school teacher. These experiences highlighted the impact that education has on the future outcomes of children and young people. As such, Anna is committed to using education as a mechanism for change. Anna has previously worked within local authority educational psychology services, and has been part of a multi-agency team supporting the educational needs of children in care. In this role she worked collaboratively with a range of educational, health and social care professionals to support positive outcomes for this group of children and young people.

Location: London, UK

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