We are able to work therapeutically with an individual, family or group using a range of evidence-based techniques to bring about positive change. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): An evidence based intervention which aims to reduce feelings of anxiety/stress by helping the young person change their thoughts and behaviours. We work with the child on an individual basis for 6-8 sessions and evaluate the progress.  

Video Interaction Guidance: a highly effective therapeutic intervention which uses video to reflect on and enhance communication and interpersonal relationships. 

Multi-Family Group Therapy: An intervention that brings together families experiencing common problems and through weekly sessions allows them to have fun together, to learn new skills and to support each other in overcoming problems.

Sherborne Developmental Movement: A method that uses movement as experienced through normal development to help children become more aware of their selves but also their relationships and interactions with others.

Therapeutic Interventions

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